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Rock Star Manicure-$39

Please allow 45 minutes

Want glamour and nails that get NOTICED? Don't miss this one! We combine the durability of the no chip manicure with the sparkle and glamour of glitter! Go for a little sprinkle or go all out with pure glitter!

No Chip" gel manicure -$39

Please allow 60 minutes

Tired of paying to get a manicure only to have it chip or peel within days? Hate waiting for your polish to dry? Want shiny, beautiful nails every day? This is for you! (and your friends!) The gel-based No-Chip Manicure saves time and ultimately cash. The relaxing service begins with a soothing traditional manicure then moves into the high-tech process of applying the gel-based polishes.

This is not your run of-the-mill manicure that can quickly chip off and fade.

**Your removal of previous product is included if applicable.

Options to add to your "No Chip Manicure":

  • **Need strength for your nails? Try our strengthening manicure- $6 additional
  • Like Creativity and pizzazz for your nails? Try out additives which can add shimmer, color or various effects to your nails
  • Love the classic French look? Add French- $5 additional

No Chip Removal-A la Carte-$8

Please allow 15 minutes=This will remove the gel polish. We will then buff and file your nails. We finish by applying moisturizing cuticle oil and lotion for your hands and treat you to a mini-hand massage.

Classic Indulgence- $21

Please Allow 30 minutes

Just want simple basics? This one is for you! We start you with a relaxing soak and then shape, trim and buff your nails, followed by cuticle maintenance and a luxurious hand and arm massage with your choice of silky lotion. We complete the service by polishing your nails to perfection.

Childrens Manicure-$20

(For children 11 & Under; minimum age 3)

Got a little princess to pamper? Treat her to this! We will apply the gel polish of her choice and glitter of her choice! Save the trouble of those pesky smudges because it's instantly dry! *Please note this service is not guarantanteed

Acrylic to Natural Nail Transition-$34

Please allow 45-60 minutes

We start by soaking, not prying your nails off for a painless removal. Once the acrylic is removed we will shape, trim and buff your nails, followed by cuticle treatment and lotion. 

***Please note that many of the local discount salons may use a powder called MMA (methyl methacrylate) which is an acrylic powder that has been banned for use in the United States due to health reasons. If your technician determines that you have had MMA powder applied on your nails, your service may need to be completed at home. 



Each technician may charge a different price for their services due to experience and training levels. Newer technicians may charge less due to a learning curve. All technicians guarantee their work and you may see that technician for complimentary repairs. Repairs completed by another technician may incur an additional fee.

Acrylic Enhancements:

New Set-starts at $59

Optional Add-ons for Acrylic:

Full sets starting at:$60

Maintenance Fill-starting at $45

Gel Enhancement:

New Set-starts at $60

Maintenance Fill-starting at $45

Add-ons for Manicure Services:

Nail Art-$1-$4 per nail depending on design

Polish Change-$10

Broken Natural Nail Repair-from $3 per nail

Broken Acrylic/Gel Nail Repair-$4 per nail

French polish-$5


Ultimate Pedi Indulgence- $64

with No Chip Polish-$84

Please Allow 90-105 minutes

Do your feet need extra pampering? Do you need moisture and then some? Get this! A true relaxation essential, the ultimate indulgence includes a warm relaxing soak, nail shaping, cuticle treatment and moisturization and gentle exfoliation with a wonderful sugar scrub. You will then have an intensive callus treatment and we will spend time buffing out your calluses. Then a moisturizing masque is applied and and your legs are wrapped in warm towels to allow your skin to soak up the moisture from the masque. You will then be treated to triple the massage time of our classic pedi for your legs and feet with a decadent oil and lotion. The final step...polishing your toes to perfection with the color of your choice. Ahhh........relaxation never felt or looked so amazing.

Luxury Pedicure-$44

With No Chip Polish-$64

Please Allow 60-75 minutes

Do your feet need to be moisturized? Get this! Treat yourself to the soothing feel of the water massaging your feet while you relax and let your cares start to slip away while our massage chair works out the stress in your back. Your feet will be treated to all the usual treatment plus a rejuvenating and hydrating scrub to rid you of that dry dead skin leaving you silky smooth. If you have calluses, this is one to consider as you will receive an intensive callus remover and we spend more time buffing your calluses. We finish by giving you double the massage time of the classic pedi for your legs and feet. Schedule it today-you deserve it!

Classic Pedi Indulgence $34

with No Chip Polish-$54

Allow 45-60 minutes

Want simple basics? Get this! Starts with a warm, relaxing soak in our state of the art massage chair. Enjoy the feel of the massagers on your back while your feet enjoy the warm water rushing around them. Your nails will then receive a trim, followed by meticulous cuticle treatment. We will then apply lotion and treat your tired, aching legs and feet to a soothing massage. We complete the service by polishing your toes to perfection with the color of your choice.

Rock Star Toes-$34

This is like jewelry for your toes! It is the absolute hottest trend and everyone will be asking you about it!

This service puts the most sparkle on your toes and stays on for weeks looking ultra shiny with loads of eye catching glitter! This service gives you the trimming, shaping and cuticle treatment of your toes without water. Polished with no chip gel polish .

****You can also add the "Rock Star" effect onto any above pedicure for an additional $20 if you would like the relaxing soak, callus treatment and massage to be done like a traditional pedicure.

Add-ons for Pedicure Services:

Nail Art-$1-$4 per nail depending on design

Polish Change $10

French polish-$5

Gel Polish for toes-$20

Rock Star Glitter-$20

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