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Frequently Asked Questions:


Why does The Nail Studio not smell like some of those discount salons I have been in?


The Nail Studio only uses state approved materials and these have significantly less harsh odors. Discount salons may sometimes be using MMA (methly methacrylate) and it has a distinictive, harsh odor. For more information on MMA click here


Why are your prices for acrylic more expensive than the discount salon?


This depends on the service you are receiving. For fills and full sets, our prices are more inclusive. For example, we do not charge you to shorten your nails (they add on $3) and with new full sets, we do not charge you for the first 2 repairs within your first 2 weeks. They charge you $3-$4 for each nail repair. On our pink and white fills, we do not charge you for the gel overlay that makes them shiny, it is included in our fill price but they generally add $5-$10 for this and call them "gel nails".


Why are your gel nails more expensive?


Many people compare our gel nails to the discount salons and that is where the difference comes in. They typically do not do true gel nails. If a powder is used on your nails it is acrylic. Gel cannot be in a powder form, it is just what it says, a gel. Most of those discount salons are doing just acrylic nails with a gel overlay.

They will usually try and "upsell" you from acrylic to their "gel" on a fill or a new set. Don't fall for it. Again, if they are using powder, it is acrylic and you would be wasting your money.

Also, they will try and tell you they can "switch" you from acrylic to gel during your fill. This is not possible. Acrylic must be soaked off and the new gels applied, but again they are just doing the same acrylic and applying a gel top coat at the end, but they charge you $8 more on average for this "gel". Again, just something to charge you more money.

True gels are thinner, clearer and less damaging to your natural nail. If you have never had the opportunity to experience real gels, let us show you the difference.


Why are your pedicures more expensive?


Their pedicures are $25 and ours start at $34. Anyone who has experienced one of our pedicures can vouch for the fact that ours are significantly different. We perform total maintenance on your toes, we always provide cuticle treatment, buffing, shaping and filing. You rarely receive cuticle treatment or buffing with their pedicures and it is a difference that shows.

We also treat your calluses the right way, by filing and using various treatments to reduce them. We never razor . This is an illegal practice that sadly is still done in some salons. It is against the law to do this. You are susceptible to many infections if this is performed on you.

We also slow down and give you a great massage. Our classic pedicure lasts for a minimum of 45 minutes versus the discount salon is unusually only 20-25 minutes. A clear difference.

We show you our sanitation practices and will gladly discuss these with you at any time. We pride ourselves on cleanliness and follow the state guidelines to the letter. Pay attention to their practices. Did they just spray the tub with scrubbing bubbles? Not let the jets run for 10 minutes to fully sanitize? Be careful you could be putting yourself in harms way.

Contact Us:

*Visit us at 176 S. WEST ST CROWN POINT ,IN 46307

*Call us at 219-661-8200

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